1.1.N.70 Newly arrived resident's waiting period (NARWP)


This definition applies to the following payments and benefits:

  • newstart allowance,
  • youth allowance,
  • austudy payment,
  • partner allowance,
  • carer payment,
  • sickness allowance,
  • mobility allowance,
  • special benefit,
  • health care card,
  • Commonwealth seniors health card, and
  • pensioner education supplement.

Note: WA and PP have a qualifying residence requirement of 104 weeks and not a NARWP.


The NARWP is the period during which a newly arrived resident is NOT eligible to receive the specified social security payments. The waiting period does not apply to all:

  • payments, OR
  • newly arrived residents (1.1.N.60).

A 26 week waiting period was introduced from 1 January 1993 for selected payments. From 4 March 1997, it was extended to 104 weeks and a wider range of payments.

Newly arrived resident's waiting period means:

  • a CP NARWP under sections 201AA and 201AB, or
  • a WA NARWP under section 408BA, or
  • a YA NARWP under section 549D, or
  • an Austudy NARWP under section 575D, or
  • a PES NARWP under section 1061PU, or
  • a NSA NARWP under sections 623A and 623B, or
  • an SA NARWP under sections 696B and 696C, or
  • an SpB NARWP under sections 732 and 739A, or
  • a PA NARWP under sections 771HC and 771HNA, or
  • a MOB NARWP under sections 1039AA and 1039AB, or
  • a CSHC NARWP under section 1061ZH, or
  • a YTA NARWP under sections 85 and 101 of the Student and Youth Assistance Act 1973, or
  • a HCC NARWP under section 1061ZQ.

Some people are exempt from the NARWP for the above payments and benefits.

From 1 July 2006, there are 2 new definitions of 'current period as an Australian resident' and 'lone parent'. These definitions are relevant for PP, YA and NSA.

  • A 'current period of an Australian resident' is where a person has been an Australian resident for an entire period and the person lodged a claim for YA, NSA or PP during the period'.
  • A 'lone parent' is a person who is not a member of a couple and who has a dependent child.

A residence requirement for PP, NSA and YA is that newly arrived residents are required to have been an Australian resident in Australia for a period of, or periods totalling 104 weeks.

However, a person will not have to meet the 104 week rule if the person:

  • is the principal carer of one or more children, and
  • is not a member of a couple, and
  • at the start of the person's current period of an Australian resident the person was not a lone parent.

The rule is similar to the exception provided to newly arrived resident parents who qualify for parenting payment when, following their Australian residency, they become single.

Act reference: SSAct section 7(4B) For the purposes of a newly arrived resident's waiting period…, section 23(1)-'newly arrived resident's waiting period', section 23(1)-'social security payment', section 623A(7) Newly arrived resident's waiting period

Policy reference: SS Guide Verifying Newly Arrived Resident's Waiting Period, Newly Arrived Resident's Waiting Period, Exemptions from Waiting Periods

Last reviewed: 20 March 2017