What's New

8 May 2017 (v1.232)

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1.1.C.20 Care receiver (CP) Clarified policy.
1.1.D.22 Date of notification Updated terminology.
1.1.P.377 Preservation age Updated definition. Youth Disability Supplement (YDS) - Description Updated rate.
3.10.2 Entitlement Periods Updated terminology. Entitlement Period - an Overview Updated terminology. Changing an Entitlement Period Updated terminology.
3.10.3 Payment Delivery Updated terminology. Timing of Payment Delivery Updated terminology. Partnered Recipients - Payment Delivery Updated terminology. 'Offset' Family Assistance & Carer Allowance Payments Updated terminology. Austudy & Impact of Previous Study Clarified policy. Income Exempt from Assessment – Specifically Approved Updated list of 'approved' scholarships awarded outside Australia and 'approved' personal care support schemes. Income Exempt from Assessment - s 8(11) Exempt Lump Sums Updated list of exempted lump sums under section 8(11). Deferred Income, Salary Sacrifice, Valuable Consideration & Fringe Benefits Updated policy. Formula for Calculating Certain Benefits & PPS Advance Payments Updated policy. DRA, Eligible for NSA, Income Cut-off Does Not Apply Updated rate. DRA, Eligible for NSA, Income Cut-off Applies Updated rates. Deemed Refusal of Claims Updated terminology. Guidelines for Social Worker Involvement Updated policy. Deductions from Payments Updated terminology. Roles & Responsibilities - Cashless Debit Card Trial Updated terminology. Ceduna & Surrounding Region Updated to reflect Cashless Debit Card Trial has been extended. East Kimberley Updated to reflect Cashless Debit Card Trial has been extended. Provisional Residence Visas Updated policy. Austria's Social Security System Updated terminology. Value of Debits Exceeds Credit Balance of Income Management Account Updated terminology. Determination Process under the Vulnerable Welfare Payment Recipients Measure Updated terminology.
11.7.6 Application of Income Management under VIM measure Updated terminology.