What's New

5 November 2018 (v4.36)

Page Title Details
2.2.3 Below Regular Care Determinations Clarified policy.
2.2.6 Care Determinations Prior to 01/07/2010 Updated example.
2.10.4 Suspension of Liability to Pay Child Support when There is a Change in Eligible Carer Clarified policy.
3.1.2 Recovery Orders Updated policy.
3.3.1 Notification of Court Orders & Court Registered Agreements Updated policy.
3.4.1 Requirement to Advise the Registrar of New Order or Affecting Event Updated terminology.
4.1.5 Extensions of Time to Lodge Objections Clarified policy.
5.1.2 Registrable Maintenance Liabilities & How They are Registered Updated terminology.
5.2.8 Tax Refund Intercepts Updated policy.
5.2.10 Collection from Parental Leave Payments Clarified policy.
5.2.11 Departure Prohibition Orders Clarified policy.
5.3.2 Offsetting Debts between Payees & Payers Updated policy.
5.4.5 Bankruptcy Updated terminology.
5.5.4 Suspending Payments to Payees Clarified policy.