What's New

13 August 2018 (v4.34)

Page Title Details
1.4.3 Application of the CSA Act to WA Ex-nuptial Cases Clarified policy.
1.5.2 International Agreements & Conventions Updated terminology.
2.2.2 Care Determinations & Changes in Care Clarified policy.
2.7.1 What Is a Child Support Agreement? Clarified policy.
2.10.3 Terminating Events Clarified examples.
3.2.1 Periodic Amounts Payable to the Payee Updated terminology.
3.4.3 CPI Indexation for Cost of Living Added March and June 2018 CPI figures.
5.1.3 Date a Liability First Becomes Enforceable Updated terminology.
5.2.5 Collection from Social Security Pensions & Benefits Clarified policy.
5.2.6 Collection from Family Tax Benefit Clarified policy.
5.2.7 Collection from Veterans' Pensions & Allowances Clarified policy.
5.3.4 Reduction of Debts when Other Debts Paid Back Clarified policy.
5.5.1 Child Support Account Clarified policy.
5.5.2 Entitlement to Payment & Disbursement Cycle Clarified policy.