What's New

6 May 2019 (v1.211)

Page Title Details
1.1.B.40 Bonus test date (SKB) (deleted) Removed information.
1.1.C.57 Current education period (SKB) (deleted) Removed information.
1.1.M.50 Member of a couple Updated policy.
1.1.P.115 Previous education period (SKB) (deleted) Removed information.
1.1.S.30 Service pension Clarified policy.
1.1.S.80 Social security payment Clarified policy.
1.1.T.20 Taxable income Clarified policy.
1.2.14 Schoolkids Bonus (SKB) - Description (deleted) Removed information.
2.10 SKB Eligibility (deleted) Removed section.
3.6.2 FTB rent assistance - historical rates & thresholds Updated to reflect indexation.
3.9 SKB Rate (deleted) Removed information. Specific requirements for FTB instalment claims Updated Act reference. Income tax return not lodged Clarified policy. Obtaining information about debtors Updated Act reference. Change of eligibility circumstances Removed information about schoolkids bonus.
5.2.2 Information required for instalment claims Clarified policy.
5.2.3 Information required for past period claims - former partners Clarified policy.
6.4.2 Details of reconciliation Clarified policy.
7.1.2 FA debts - individuals & ACOs Removed reference to schoolkids bonus.