What's New

20 September 2018 (v1.206)

Page Title Details
1.1.I.50 Income support payment Updated definition to include veteran payment.
1.1.S.60 Social security benefit Updated to include farm household allowance.
1.1.V.05 Veteran payment New page.
1.2.19 Stillborn Baby Payment (SBP) - Description Updated to reflect indexation. Shared Care of an FTB Child Clarified policy.
2.12.1 SBP Eligibility Criteria Updated to reflect indexation. Rent Assistance Updated rates and thresholds. Taking Reasonable Maintenance Action Updated policy. Reasonable Maintenance Action Completed - Private Collect Clarified policy. When Maintenance Action is Not Applicable Updated policy. Payer is Overseas Clarified policy. Exempt Maintenance Income Updated policy.
3.2.6 Tax Free Pensions or Benefits Updated policy. Initial Estimate When Making a Claim Clarified policy.
3.6.2 FTB Rent Assistance - Historical Rates & Thresholds Updated to reflect indexation.
3.12 SBP Rate Updated to reflect indexation.
4.4.7 Individual Requests Cancellation of FTB Updated policy regarding cancellation of family tax benefit (FTB) instalments.
6.6.3 Non-entitlement to FTB Part A &/or FTB Part B Due to Underestimation of Income Updated policy.