1.1.M.30 Maximum weekly entitlement (CCB)


For the purposes of CCB, the following table shows the maximum weekly CCB entitlement for 50 hours of care per week, and the hourly rate applying, for the first 5 children a recipient has in care. For any extra non-school children, the maximum rate is $4.67 per hour per child in the type of care (1.1.T.70).

Number of children in care CCB per hour Maximum weekly CCB entitlement
1 $4.30 $215.00
2 $4.49 $449.32
3 $4.67 $701.14
4 $4.67 $934.85
5 $4.67 $1,168.57

Historical amounts are found in

Explanation: Elements used to calculate the maximum weekly CCB entitlement are subject to indexation, for CCB purposes this takes effect on the first Monday of the income year. A week for the purposes of CCB and CCR commences on a Monday.

Act reference: FAAct Schedule 2 clause 11 Maximum weekly benefit, Schedule 2 clause 4(2) Standard hourly rate-basic meaning, Schedule 4 clause 2 Indexed and adjusted amounts, Schedule 4 clause 3 CPI Indexation Table, section 3(6) A week, for the purposes of CCB…

Policy reference: FA Guide 3.5 CCB Rate Calculation

Last reviewed: 3 July 2017