1.1.S.120 Statements for payment (CCB)

Note: Where a service has commenced operating under CCMS the service submits an Attendance Record Report (1.1.A.115). These services are not required to submit statements for payment.


For the purposes of CCB, a statement for payment summary is a compulsory reporting mechanism for approved services (1.1.A.90) to advise Centrelink of the details of child care provided. The statement for payment summary includes a statement of child care usage for each child for whom care was provided in the statement period. The statement of child care usage shows details of:

  • the child for which care was provided,
  • the type of care provided (1.1.T.70),
  • the eligible child care hours (1.1.E.20) involved,
  • the total fee charged for eligible hours,
  • the rate and amount of fee reductions, and
  • any other information required by the Secretary from time to time.

Act reference: FA(Admin)Act section 219N Obligation to give reports to Secretary

Last reviewed: 20 September 2016