1.1.S.40 Sessions of care (CCB)


For the purposes of CCB, a session of care is the minimum period of time in respect of which an approved service (1.1.A.90) imposes a liability on an individual by charging a fee for providing child care.

To avoid doubt, a genuine legal liability must arise under an arrangement which requires an individual to pay the fee irrespective of any payment made by the Secretary under the family assistance law to discharge some or all of that liability.

Sessions of care details are determined by service providers and based on their opening hours. Depending on charging practices, recipients may be charged for a full session of care even if their child does not attend the whole session.

Example: A child attends care from 3:00pm until 5:00pm and a recipient is charged for the centre's session of 3 hours from 2:30pm to 5:30pm. The recipient has a genuine liability for 3 hours of care and is eligible for 3 hours CCB.

Act reference: FAAct section 9 Session of care

Last reviewed: 3 January 2017