2.8.4 JETCCFA Eligibility Requirements Relating to the Period of Approval


The period for which JETCCFA is granted (the JETCCFA period (1.1.J.80)) must be within the period for which an eligible person:

  • has been granted CCB at the maximum rate as reduced fees, and
  • has been granted but not cancelled from their eligible income support payment, and
  • has an activity agreement 'in force'.

JETCCFA is granted for the period of each JETCCFA activity within activity agreements for which approved child care is required by the person to undertake the activity. A person's JETCCFA period is framed by the beginning of the first JETCCFA activity and the end of the last JETCCFA activity within a person's activity agreement. A JETCCFA assessment period is not solely based on the beginning and end dates of the person's activity agreement, although they may be the same.

Policy reference: FA Guide 1.1.J.70 JETCCFA assessment period, 1.1.S.140 Study (JETCCFA), 1.1.T.55 Training (JETCCFA)

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