Change of Circumstances - General Provisions


This topic explains the general requirement for an individual to advise Centrelink of changes in their circumstances and covers:

  • relevance of a change of circumstances,
  • general circumstances which must be notified,
  • Secretary's power to vary determinations for failing to meet CCB information requirements, and
  • CCB information requirements affecting approved services (1.1.A.90).

Unless otherwise stated eligibility circumstances and rate circumstances are the same for FTB Part A and FTB Part B.

Relevance of a change of circumstances

A person must provide information about changes of circumstances to Centrelink if it is relevant to:

  • the individual's continued eligibility for FA,
  • determining the amount of their entitlement,
  • verifying their eligibility,
  • determining if FA has been paid to individuals who were not entitled to receive payment,
  • determining if a person owes a debt,
  • assisting to locate a person who owes a debt.

Centrelink may be aware of some of the changes in a person's circumstances from its own records and the individual may not be required to provide it.

Example: Centrelink does not need to be advised of an FTB child turning a particular age, as this information is obtained from Centrelink records.

General circumstances which must be notified

An instalment individual must notify any changes of:

  • address, or
  • bank account details.

Individuals intending to claim FTB as a lump sum do not need to advise of these changes, although they will be expected to have kept the appropriate records when they do submit their claim at the end of the financial year.

Act reference: FA(Admin)Act section 25 Obligation to notify change of circumstances

Policy reference: FA Guide Change of Eligibility Circumstances, Change of Rate Circumstances

Secretary's power to vary determinations for failing to meet CCB information requirements

The Secretary may, in specific circumstances, vary determinations made under CCB regulations when an individual fails to:

  • provide information relevant to entitlement that has been requested by the Secretary, or
  • do any other things in accordance with CCB regulations.

Example: If an individual fails to advise the school status of a child, the Secretary can determine that CCB will be paid at the lower school child rate.

Act reference: FA(Admin)Act section 62 Variation where failure to provide information relevant to conditional eligibility etc.

CCB information requirements affecting approved services

An approved service not yet transferred to the CCMS has breached its conditions of approval if it does not complete and return the:

  • Statement of Child Care Usage Form, and
  • CCB Statement for Payment Summary.

An approved service transferred to the CCMS has breached its conditions of approval if it does not submit online the:

  • Enrolment Records, and
  • Attendance Record Reports.

Depending on the circumstances surrounding the breach the following consequences, in increasing order of severity, can occur:

  • delay or loss of the service's next payment,
  • reduction in the number of child care places for which the service has approval; this applies to In Home Care and Occasional Care only,
  • suspension of approval,
  • cancellation of approval, and
  • be subject to sanctions and penalties.
Last reviewed: 20 September 2016