4.3.5 Lump sum payment through Centrelink

Past period claim

A person making a past period claim (1.1.P.60) through Centrelink will be paid by direct credit unless the Secretary directs that the relevant amount is to be paid in a different way, other than direct payment into an account. Payment by direct credit should be encouraged, however there is no legislative restriction imposed when a person makes a past period claim.

Explanation: This is in contrast to instalment claims where bank account details for direct credit are required before the claim can be determined, unless an exemption is granted.

Combination of instalment & past period claim

If the individual is making a claim for instalments (1.1.I.100) and a past period at the same time, the lump sum for the past period is paid by direct credit unless an exemption is granted.

Explanation: The individual is required to provide bank account details for the instalment claim. The claims are treated as one claim and determined together.

Act reference: FA(Admin)Act section 24 Payments of FTB for a past period or by single payment …

Policy reference: FA Guide 4.3.3 Instalments paid by direct credit

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