What's new

20 September 2021 (v1.232)

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1.1.I.45 Income limit (FTB Part B) Removed reference to threshold amount. Calculating a rate of FTB - overview Clarified policy. Indexation of FTB Updated policy. Rent assistance Updated to reflect indexation. Health care card (HCC) Clarified policy. Reasonable maintenance action completed - private collect Updated reflect department name change. Proof of parentage Clarified policy. Exempt maintenance income Clarified policy. Income test - FTB Part B Clarified policy.
3.1.11 Advance payment of FTB Part A Clarified policy.
3.2.2 Taxable income Clarified policy.
3.2.9 Reportable superannuation contributions Removed information on exceptional circumstances relief payment and interim income support.
3.6.2 FTB rent assistance - historical rates & thresholds Updated to reflect indexation. Payment nominees Clarified policy.
4.14 Claims for SIFS Clarified policy.
5.1.3 Protection of information Updated Act reference. Income test exemptions for individuals in receipt of income support Clarified policy.
7.2.2 Debt recovery by deduction Clarified policy.