5.5.3 Samples of allowance rate calculations - partnered recipient


This section contains examples of allowance rate calculations. The calculations were made using the rates and income test parameters as at 20 March 2020. Rates were calculated according to the legislative provisions contained in the SSAct.

Rate calculations are contained in SSAct Chapter 3. The following table shows which part of the SSAct contains the rate calculation information for specific recipients.

For the following recipients … the relevant SSAct part is …
  • youth allowance
Part 3.5.
  • austudy payment
Part 3.5A.
  • jobseeker payment
  • widow allowance
  • sickness allowance, and
  • partner allowance
Part 3.6.

Note: SA closed to all new recipients on 20 March 2020 and ceases on 20 September 2020 (

Those receiving SA before 20 March 2020 will continue to receive the payment for the length of their medical certificate, as long as they remain eligible. SA recipients who require income support after this time may transfer to JSP or another income support payment, if eligible.

Act reference: SSAct section 1067G(1) Rate of YA, section 1067L(1) Austudy Payment Rate Calculator, section 1068 Rate of WA, JSP (18 or over) SA (18 or over) PA, & MAA under Part 2.12B

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