The Guides to Social Policy Law is a collection of publications designed to assist decision makers administering social policy law. The information contained in this publication is intended only as a guide to relevant legislation/policy. The information is accurate as at the date listed at the bottom of the page, but may be subject to change. To discuss individual circumstances please contact Services Australia.

What's new

6 November 2023 (v1.313)

Page Title Details
1.1.A.170 Appropriate tax year (YA) Updated Policy reference.
1.1.A.260 Articulated courses (YA) Updated Act and Policy references.
1.1.A.375 AWOTE, relevant AWOTE, AWOTE weeks Updated AWOTE figures.
1.1.C.90 CA child Updated page title.
1.1.C.350 Continuous support (YA, DSP) Updated Act reference.
1.1.D.235 Domestic & family violence Clarified definition
1.1.E.150 Excessive travelling time (YA) Clarified definition.
1.1.I.95 Independently of a program of support Clarified policy.
1.1.I.180 Intending student (YA) Updated example.
1.1.M.136 Merit or equity-based scholarship Updated policy and added policy reference.
1.1.S.330 State or territory payment (YA) Added Act and policy references.
1.1.T.30 Telephone allowance payday (TAL) Clarified definition.
1.1.T.40 Telephone subscriber (TAL) Clarified definition.
1.1.U.10 Unapproved absences (YA) (deleted) Removed information. Austudy payment (Austudy) - description Clarified policy. Student Financial Supplement Scheme (SFSS) - description Updated policy. Telephone allowance (TAL) - description Updated policy reference. Fares allowance (FAA) - description Updated policy reference. Student start-up scholarship - description (deleted) Removed information. Income support bonus (ISB) - description (deleted) Removed information. Liquid assets test waiting period Updated Act and Policy references and clarified policy. Person undertaking a course of rehabilitation Updated department name. Death of PP child Updated to reflect legislation change.
3.1.12 Employment income nil rate period Updated supplementary benefits list to include remote engagement program payment. Situations involving industrial action Clarified policy. Austudy & secondary students Updated Act reference. Payability of DSP Clarified policy. DSP assessment of impairment ratings Claified policy. Guidelines to the rules for applying the Impairment Tables - applying the Tables Updated Act reference. Guidelines to the rules for applying the Impairment Tables - assigning an impairment rating Updated Act reference. Qualification for CP (child) - short term or episodic care Clarified policy. Changes to carer situation - effect on CP qualification Clarified policy. Assessment of income for CA Clarified policy. Qualification for CA during temporary cessation of care Clarified policy. Assessment of CA claim Clarified policy. DCLAD (Child) ACL questionnaire scoring step 4 - raw score for domain B Updated question number. DCLAD (Child) ACL questionnaire scoring step 6 - score for subdomain C(1) Updated question number. DCLAD (Child) ACL questionnaire scoring step 8 - score for subdomain C(2) Updated question number. DCLAD (Child) ACL questionnaire scoring step 10 - score for subdomain C(3) Updated question number. DCLAD (Child) ACL questionnaire scoring step 14 - total score for subdomain D(1) - special care needs - interventions Updated question number. DCLAD (Child) ACL questionnaire scoring step 15 - total score for subdomain D(2) Updated question number. Qualification for CrP - remaining in the home after removal of family member due to domestic or family violence Clarified policy and updated Act reference. Repayment of the financial supplement - after the contract ends Clarified policy. FAA entitlement Added policy reference. Travel outside the study year for FAA Updated example. Qualification for SSL Updated policy. Qualification for CSHC Clarified policy. Weekly payments for most vulnerable people Clarified policy.
4.14.2 Eligibility of the principal beneficiary of a special disability trust Clarified policy. YA - current rates Updated Act and Policy reference. Historical rates of DSP for people under 21 years of age without dependent children - July 2000 to present date Updated rates. CA, child disability allowance & HCA - December 1974 to present date, DNCB 1987 to 1999 Updated rate. Repayment of advance payments - benefits & pensions Clarified policy and updated Act references. Qualification for special employment advance payments Removed reference to ceased payment. SFSS overpayments Added note. History of the AoS scheme Updated to reflect legislative change. Assurer eligibility requirements - unincorporated bodies Clarified policy. Assurer eligibility requirements - Community Support Program Updated to reflect change of age requirements for Community Support Program entrants.
9.4.6 AoS periods, cancellations & transfers Clarified policy.