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Current rates

This table shows the current (20 September 2023) rates in dollars per annum of pension supplement, minimum pension supplement amount, pension supplement basic amount and pension supplement remaining amount.

Family circumstance Pension supplement ($ p.a.) Minimum pension supplement amount ($ p.a.) Pension supplement basic amount ($ p.a.) Pension supplement remaining amount ($ p.a.)
Single 2,082.60 1,120.60 722.80 239.20
Partnered (each eligible member of a couple) 1,570.40 845.00 595.40 130.00
Partnered - illness separated couple (1.1.I.04), respite care couple (1.1.R.240), or partner imprisoned (1.1.P.85) (each eligible member of a couple) 2,082.60 1,120.60 722.80 239.20


The combined couple rate of pension supplement, the combined couple rate of minimum pension supplement and the pension supplement basic amount are indexed on 20 March and 20 September of each year in line with CPI increases.

Pension supplement is not benchmarked against MTAWE.

Act reference: SSAct section 1191(1) CPI Indexation Table (see item 1A), section 1210(1) Application of income and assets test reductions ā€¦ (see item 3)

Rate of payment

The daily rate of pension supplement is worked out by dividing the annual pension supplement by 364.

Timing of payments

If a person qualifies and the payment is payable, payments are made fortnightly in arrears with the person's main payment.

From 1 July 2010, eligible pensioners have been able to receive the minimum pension supplement amount on a quarterly basis as a separate social security payment.

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