1.1.P.85 Partner, partnered, partnered (partner in gaol)


These definitions apply to all payments.

Definition: partner

A partner in relation to a person who is a member of a couple (1.1.M.120), is the other member of the couple, whether legally married, in a registered relationship or in a de facto relationship.

This excludes former partners, whether legally married or otherwise, from whom they have separated.

Act reference: SSAct section 4(1)-'partner'

Definition: partnered

A person is partnered if they are a member of a couple.

Act reference: SSAct section 4(11)(a) a person is partnered if …

Definition: partnered (partner in gaol)

A person is partnered (partner in goal) if the person is a member of a couple and the person's partner is:

  • in gaol, or
  • undergoing psychiatric confinement because the partner has been charged with committing an offence.

Act reference: SSAct section 4(11)(f) a person is partnered (partner in gaol) if …

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