1.1.P.51 Parenting payment (single) (PPS)


PPS is the main income support payment for single parents and other principal carers (1.1.P.412) who have sole or primary responsibility for the care of a young child. These parents may be eligible for PPS until their youngest child turns 8. PPS can only be paid to one person in respect of a particular child.

Further information

PPS shares some features with pensions such as the age pension and others with benefits such as PPP.

The pension features include:

  • indexation of the rate of payment according to changes in wages (as measured by MTAWE), as well as the CPI, and
  • eligibility for a PCC.

The benefit features include:

  • a non-tapered assets test, and
  • the IMP, which may be served for leave or termination payments.

Act reference: SSAct section 18 PP definitions

Policy reference: SS Guide 1.1.P.50 Parenting payment (partnered) (PPP), Parenting payment (PP) - description, 3.5.1 PP - qualification & payability, PPS income & assets tests & limits, PP - current rates

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