1.1.P.120 Passing the work test (PBS)


For the purposes of PBS, to pass the work test, a person must gainfully work (1.1.G.20) for at least 960 hours for each full year period of accruing membership (1.1.A.20). At least 640 of the 960 hours must be worked in Australia (1.1.A.320).

Part year bonus period

If the last bonus period is a part year bonus period (1.1.B.80) of accruing membership the work test must be passed on a pro-rata basis. The number of pro-rated hours needed is worked out using the formula:

960 × (number of days in the period ÷ 365)

For part year periods, at least two-thirds of the hours worked must have been worked in Australia.

Act reference: SSAct section 92U Work test-full-year period, section 92V Work test-part-year period

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