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1.1.P.236 Personal financial crisis - OWP


This personal financial crisis test applies to JSP, YA (other) and PP recipients to determine whether they can be exempted from the OWP.

What constitutes experiencing a personal financial crisis

A person satisfies the circumstances of experiencing a personal financial crisis if in the 4 weeks prior to the person's start date:

  • they have been subjected to domestic violence
  • they incurred unavoidable or reasonable expenditure
  • they were in gaol or psychiatric confinement
  • the person
    • first entered Australia, and
    • was the holder of a humanitarian visa on that entry to Australia, or
  • the person's principal place of residence was lost or sustained major damage as a result of an extreme circumstance.

A person must be in severe financial hardship (1.1.S.125) and experiencing a personal financial crisis to be eligible for an exemption from the OWP.

Act reference: SSAct section 19DA(4) Other circumstances, section 19C Severe financial hardship definitions

Policy reference: SS Guide 1.1.S.125 Severe financial hardship - OWP, SWPP, LAWP, IMP

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