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1.1.P.235 Personal effects & household contents


This definition applies to all payments subject to assets testing provisions.


'Personal effects and household contents' include:

  • clothing
  • jewellery
  • hobby collections (e.g. stamps and coins)
  • furniture
  • paintings and works of art
  • soft furnishings (e.g. curtains)
  • electrical appliances other than fixtures such as stoves and built-in items.
    • Explanation: Permanent fixtures are regarded as part of the home and not as household contents.


The following are NOT personal effects and household items:

  • vehicles (e.g. cars, boats, trailers, caravans and motor cycles)
  • bullion
  • unmounted gems, and
  • collections held for other than purely personal purposes.

Policy reference: SS Guide Assessing personal effects, household contents, vehicles & cash

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