1.1.P.20 Parental home (JSP, YA, DSP, RA)


This definition applies to JSP, YA, DSP and RA.

Explanation: Parental home is used when determining the rate paid. Depending on the age of the recipient, different rates apply if the recipient is:

  • residing at the parental home, OR
  • living away from the parental home.

The reasons for them residing away from the parental home can also impact on the rate paid.


This table describes the meaning of parental home.

If the … then the parental home is …
recipient's parents have the same principal home that home.
recipient only has 1 parent the principal home of that parent.
recipient's parents have different principal homes all of those homes.

Act reference: SSAct section 5(1)-'parent', section 11A(1) Principal home

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