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1.1.M.120 Member of a couple


This definition applies to all payments and is used to determine if a person is paid the partnered or single rate of payment, which income and asset tests are applicable and qualification for PP.

Definition: member of a couple

Under the SSAct, a person is a member of a couple if they are in a relationship with another person as their partner and are not living separately and apart on a permanent or indefinite basis and are either:

  • legally married
  • in a registered relationship, or
  • in a de facto relationship.
    Note: Both people must be over the age of consent (applicable to the relevant state or territory) and not in a prohibited relationship (1.1.P.443) to be considered a de facto relationship.

When required, 5 factors are considered when determining whether a member of a couple relationship exists (

  • the financial aspects of the relationship
  • the nature of the household
  • the social aspects of the relationship
  • any sexual relationship between the people, and
  • the nature of the people's commitment to each other.

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Policy reference: SS Guide Types of member of a couple relationships, Member of a couple - age of consent, Determining member of a couple relationships, Discretion to treat a person as not being a member of a couple for a special reason - section 24

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