1.1.M.155 Multiple care (CP)


For the purposes of CP, multiple care is where a carer is personally providing constant care to a disabled adult AND one or 2 children aged under 16 years, each with a disability or medical condition. The care load of the disabled adult and child or children will be equivalent to the care load of one child with severe disability or severe medical condition. The carer will have been given a qualifying rating of intense under the DCLA (Child).

Note: For multiple care a limit of 2 children may contribute to the assessment under the DCLA (Child).

Act reference: SSAct section 197D Qualification-disabled adult and one or more children each with a disability or medical condition, section 197G Qualification-short term or episodic care of children

Policy reference: SS Guide Qualification for CP, Qualification for CP (child) - multiple care

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