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1.1.M.110 Medical evidence (CP, CA)


For the purpose of CP and CA, the primary medical evidence is a report provided by a health professional, including an allied health professional who belongs to one of the classes of professionals approved by the Secretary (1.1.T.170). Additionally, for CP (adult) and CA (adult), the delegate has the authority to approve an individual health professional as an approved THP on a case by case basis (3.6.9). This information is used to determine whether the care receiver requires constant care (1.1.C.310) or care and attention (1.1.C.10) because of their disability which would qualify an applicant for CP and/or CA.

If a person makes a claim for a child or an adult with a terminal condition, a medical practitioner must certify that the care receiver's condition is a terminal condition (1.1.T.86).

Policy reference: SS Guide Assessment of CP claim - medical evidence, Assessment of CA claim

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