1.1.T.86 Terminal condition (CA, CP)

Definition: care receiver aged 16 years & over

For the purposes of CA (adult) and CP (adult) a terminal condition is where a person aged 16 years or over is in the final phase of a terminal illness and is not expected to live more than 3 months.

Definition: care receiver aged under 16 years

For the purposes of CP (child), a terminal condition is where a medical practitioner has certified the child has a terminal condition and the average life expectancy for a child with the same or a similar condition is not substantially longer than 24 months.

Note: A legally qualified medical practitioner must certify that a care receiver's condition is a terminal condition.

Act reference: SSAct section 197E Qualification-child who has a terminal condition

Adult Disability Assessment Determination 2018 Schedule 2

Policy reference: SS Guide 3.6.4 CP - qualification & payability, 3.6.7 CA - qualification & payability

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