1.1.M.100 Medical evidence (DSP, JSP, partial capacity to work)

Definition: DSP, JSP & partial capacity to work

For the purposes of DSP, JSP and determining partial capacity to work (1.1.P.65), medical evidence is corroborating evidence that provides information about a person's medical condition/s (1.1.M.90) and resulting impact. This documentation may include, but is not limited to:

  • reports, medical records or certificates from medical practitioners including specialists
  • reports from health professionals including allied health professionals
  • results of diagnostic tests
  • compensation or rehabilitation reports
  • medical imaging or operative reports, or
  • hospital records.

Medical evidence requirements may vary depending on the purpose for which the evidence is collected and used.

For DSP, medical evidence requirements may vary depending on a person's circumstances ( Generally, medical evidence for DSP must contain sufficient information to determine whether a person's condition is permanent for DSP purposes (1.1.P.220), that is whether the condition is fully diagnosed, treated and stabilised (1.1.F.240) and more likely than not to persist for more than 2 years. As such, the required primary medical evidence for DSP must contain information about diagnosis, treatment (past, current and future) and prognosis for the condition. For DSP, the Impairment Tables (1.1.I.10) also set out when supporting evidence of a diagnosis is required. In addition, the evidence must also contain sufficient information on the condition's impact on the person's ability to function.

For JSP, the primary source of medical evidence is a certificate from a medical practitioner containing information about diagnosis, prognosis and whether the person is incapacitated for their usual work or study, and if so for how long.

For the purpose of determining whether a person has a partial capacity to work because of an impairment, medical evidence is required to contain diagnosis by a medical practitioner of a condition that gives rise to the impairment as well as information about the functional impact of the impairment.

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Policy reference: SS Guide Medical & other evidence for DSP, 1.1.P.65 Partial capacity to work (JSP, YA (job seeker), PP & SpB (NVH)), 3.6.3 Guidelines to the Tables for the Assessment of Work-related Impairment for DSP

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