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1.1.M.140 Minimum time (YA, Austudy, PES)


For the purposes of YA, Austudy and PES, minimum time is:

  • the normal minimum time it would take a full-time student to complete a course at pass level, OR
  • if the student is currently taking an Honours year, the normal minimum time taken for a full-time student to complete the course at Honours level.

For YA the minimum time is often referred to as 'satisfactory progress'. For Austudy and PES it is commonly referred to as 'allowable time'.

A student doing courses with a normal full-time duration of more than one year can get an additional year or half-year of assistance depending on the type of study undertaken in the additional period.

Students under 22 years of age receiving YA who have reached their satisfactory progress time limits but have not completed their course should be considered for eligibility via a YA Job Plan as a job seeker - they will need to meet the mutual obligation requirements as a job seeker.

Early school leavers (1.1.E.05) will be required to undertake one or more courses of education or training in order to meet the activity test requirement until they complete year 12 or an equivalent level of education (Certificate Level III or above) unless they are granted exemption.

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Policy reference: SS Guide YA full-time students satisfactory progress - study at the same level, Austudy & progress rules for tertiary study, 3.11.5 Exemptions - overview

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