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Payments for children

In 1993 additional pension for children and mothers and guardians allowance stopped being payable as part of a pension payment. To preserve the position in agreements, some of the components of family payment continue to be included in the proportional pension rates paid under agreements for any dependent child. This is referred to as the additional child amount.

The person's rate of payment must be greater than zero for the additional child amount to be added in.

The amount of additional child payable is set out in SS(IntAgree)Act section 14A.

Current additional child amounts

The following table shows the current rates for additional child amounts as at 1 January 2019.

Family situation Additional child amount ($)
For each dependent child under 13 years of age 3,359.20
For each dependent child 13-15 years of age 4,677.40
For a person without a partner 1,599.00

Act reference: SS(IntAgree)Act section 14A Additional child amounts

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