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Current rates

This table shows the current maximum rates in dollars per fortnight (pf).

Recipient Status

Rate ($ pf)


  • 16 to 17 years, living at home

  • 18 years or more, living at home

  • 16 years or more, living away from home

  • with children

  • single job seeker principal carer, either of large family or foster child/ren, or who is a home or distance educator of child/ren.







  • no children

  • with children



Special rate for recipients aged 22 years or more that:

  • commence full-time study or an Australian Apprenticeship having been in receipt of an income support payment for at least 6 out of the last 9 months since turning 22, or

  • are studying an approved course in English where English is not their first language.


  • living at home

  • living away from home




  • no children


* Single principal carer maximum basic amount is equal to the PPS MBR including pension supplement.

Act reference: SSAct section 1067F Long term income support student, section 1067G Rate of YA – Module B—Maximum basic rate

Policy reference: SS Guide 1.1.L.100 Long term income support student (YA, Austudy)

PPS maximum basic amount of YA job seeker

Single principal carers who are in receipt of YA as job seekers (that is, are not full-time students), are not long term income support students, and have an exemption from mutual obligation requirements under paragraphs 40P(2)(a) or (b) of the SS(Admin)Act, are eligible to receive the PPS maximum basic amount of YA.

This MBR is provided to single principal carers who have received an exemption from participation requirements because they are:

  • a registered and active foster carer of a child, or children, for whom they are a principal carer, OR
  • a home educator of a child, or children, for whom they are a principal carer, OR
  • a distance educator of a child, or children, for whom they are a principal carer, OR
  • the principal carer of a large family (4 or more children under 16 years of age).

The PPS maximum basic amount of YA job seeker is equal to the sum of the MBR of PPS that would have been payable to the person if they were on PPS, and pension supplement payable to the person if they were on PPS.

Act reference: SSAct section 1067G-B3A Pension PP (single) maximum basic amount - Maximum basic rate of YA job seeker, section 1068A-B1 Pension PP (single) rate calculator

SS(Admin)Act section 40P Caring responsibilities

Policy reference: SS Guide PP - current rates

Qualification for the 'with child' rate of payment where a person has at least 14% care of at least one child

For the purpose of this section, a child must be under 16 years of age.

YA can be paid at a higher rate for recipients with at least one dependent child. Alternatively, recipients of YA (job seeker) can qualify in certain circumstances for the with child rate of payment despite not having a dependent child if they have at least 14% care of a child over a relevant assessment period. While this provides for the MBR of payment to a person as if they had a dependent child, in all other respects, the person should NOT be considered to have a dependent child.

Note: YA recipients who are undertaking full-time study or are an Australian Apprentice can only access the with child rate if they have a dependent child.

To determine if a person should qualify for the with child rate of YA ( job seeker) where they have at least 14% care of a child despite not having a dependent child see 1.1.D.70.

Act reference: SSAct section 1067G-B3AA Certain children treated as dependent children if …

Policy reference: SS Guide 1.1.D.70 Dependent child

Youth disability supplement

YDS of $153.50 pf is payable to YA recipients under 22 years assessed as having a partial capacity to work (1.1.P.65).

The rate payable to a YA recipient under 22 cannot exceed the rate payable to those over 22 years, therefore the rates payable to single recipients living away from home, single recipients with children and to partnered recipients are limited to the equivalent benefit rates (JSP rate).

YDS is an income supplement paid to young people with disabilities recognising additional costs associated with having physical, intellectual and psychiatric disabilities.

YDS is indexed annually in line with CPI increases.

Energy supplement

YA recipients may be eligible for the ES - a tax exempt supplementary payment for qualified recipients of income support payments.

Indexation (1.1.I.100)

The MBR component of PPS maximum basic amount of YA job seeker is indexed to the higher amount resulting from:

  • changes to the CPI, OR
  • 25% of the annualised MTAWE.

The pension supplement component is indexed to changes in the CPI. The effective dates of indexation are 20 March and 20 September each year (

The other rates of YA are also indexed to changes in the CPI, but with an effective date of indexation of 1 January each year.

Timing of payments

Payments are made fortnightly in arrears.

Act reference: SSAct section 556 How to work out a person's YA rate, section 1190 Indexed and adjusted amounts, section 1191 CPI Indexation Table, section 1192 Indexation of amounts, section 1193 Indexation factor, section 1194 Rounding off indexed amounts

Policy reference: SS Guide Youth allowance (YA) - description, 3.2.3 YA - qualification & payability

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