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Concessions available to PCC holders are outlined below.


PCC holders and their dependants (i.e. partner and dependent children) can receive the following Australian Government health concessions:

  • Medicines listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) at the concessional rate. Further information on PBS concessions can be obtained by calling the PBS Information Line on 1800 020 613.
  • Bulk-billed GP appointments - at the discretion of the doctor (the Government provides financial incentives for GPs to bulk-bill concession cardholders).
  • A reduction in the cost of out-of-hospital medical expenses, through the Extended Medicare Safety Net.
  • Free hearing assessments and hearing rehabilitation, including the supply and fitting of free hearing aids (if necessary) from a range of service providers contracted through the Department of Health and Aged Care.
  • Maintenance of hearing aid/s and a regular supply of batteries, for an annual fee.

Further information on these hearing services can be obtained by calling 1800 500 726.


State, territory and local governments may provide the following concessions to PCC holders. Discounted:

  • fares on public transport,
  • rates (e.g. council and water),
  • utilities (e.g. electricity), and
  • motor vehicle registration charges.

Australia Post also provides discounts on certain services.

Rail transport

State, territory and local governments may provide PCC holders with discounted rail travel on at least one free rail journey a year within the state of residence.


State, territory and local governments and some private providers may offer some additional health, household, transport, education and recreation concessions to PCC holders. However, they offer these concessions at their own discretion and they may vary from state to state. Details can be obtained from the concession providers themselves.

Duration of card issue

The PCC is issued for a period of 24 months and is re-issued around the time of a cardholder's birthday, subject to continued qualification.

Act reference: SSAct section 1061ZA General qualification rules


The EMEP is an annual payment available to people or their carers who are covered by an eligible concession card, and use essential medical equipment or additional heating/cooling to manage their disability or medical condition in their home.

The EMEP provides assistance to meet the additional costs of running essential medical equipment and medically required heating or cooling that will arise from the introduction of a carbon pricing scheme.

Policy reference: SS Guide 3.15.4 EMEP - qualification & payability

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