1.1.S.140 Shared responsibility agreement


This definition applies to all payments which are made as the result of an international social security agreement (1.1.A.120).


A shared responsibility agreement is an agreement which provided for 2 countries to share the social security coverage of individuals who move between them. It does this by:

  • allowing people to totalise (1.1.T.110) periods in both countries to gain access to payments
  • allowing people in one country to lodge claims for payments from the other country
  • providing for proportional payments by each country based on the actual periods spent in either country, AND
  • arranging portability (1.1.P.310) of payments between countries.

All of Australia's international social security agreements are shared responsibility agreements. Previously, Australia held host country agreements with the UK and New Zealand (1.1.H.80).

Act reference: SS(IntAgree)Act Schedule 3 New Zealand

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