1.1.S.210 Social security payment


This definition applies to all payments.


Social security payment means:

  • a social security pension, or
  • a social security benefit, or
  • an allowance under the SSAct, or
  • a pension, benefit or allowance under the Social Security Act 1947, or
  • any other kind of payment under SSAct Chapter 2 (see explanation).

Explanation: Any other kind of payment under SSAct Chapter 2 includes:

  • pension bonus including a top up under section 93K or section 93L, or
  • pension bonus bereavement payment, or
  • double orphan pension, or
  • crisis payment, or
  • special employment advance, or
  • education entry payment.

Act reference: SSAct section 23(1)-'social security pension', section 23(1)-'social security benefit', section 93K Top up of pension bonus for increased rate of age pension, section 93L Top up of pension bonus in specified circumstances

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