1.1.S.60 Seasonal work


For the purposes of an SWPP (1.1.S.455), seasonal work is work that is available for part or parts of the year at approximately the same time each year. Seasonal work also includes some types of intermittent work (1.1.I.195).

Examples: Seasonal work may include:

  • cray fishing
  • abalone diving
  • deep sea fishing
  • shearing
  • pearl diving
  • tourism
  • fruit picking
  • work in an industry that is subject to Christmas shutdowns or regular maintenance periods
  • intermittent work.

Note: A person employed by a business that is subject to regular or annual shutdown is treated as a seasonal worker as long as the shutdown occurs at around the same time each year.

Any work that is of 12 months duration or more is NOT considered to be seasonal and is NOT taken into account when calculating an SWPP.

Note: Intermittent workers who accrue leave entitlements are not affected by the SWPP. Other seasonal workers who accrue leave entitlements can be affected by the SWPP.

Act reference: SSAct section 16A(1)-'seasonal work'

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