1.1.S.375 Sub-50% concessional study-load student (PES)


For the purposes of PES, a sub-50% concessional study-load student is a 25% concessional study-load student who is undertaking, or who intends to undertake, less than 50% of the normal full-time amount of study for the course in that period.

Explanation: The only students with study-loads below 50% who are eligible to receive PES are 25% concessional study-load students. Twenty-five per cent concessional study-load students may have study-loads between 25% and 74% of a full-time course.

A half rate of PES applies to sub-50% concessional study-load students except for those receiving DSP, invalidity service pension or war widow/er pension (with a dependent child) and also receiving an income support supplement (on the ground that the person is permanently incapacitated for work.)

Act reference: SSAct section 1061PZG Rate of PES, section 1061PE Concessional study-load students

Policy reference: SS Guide PES concessional study-load students, PES - current rate

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