1.1.S.30 Satisfactory progress (YA)


To remain eligible for YA, a student must be making satisfactory progress by completing their course within a set period of time. Factors affecting the length of this period include:

  • the minimum standard course completion time
  • the length of any uncompleted units
  • whether the student has previously attempted study at the same level, and
  • whether the student has been affected by factors beyond their control.

Act reference: SSAct section 541B(1)(d) Undertaking full-time study, section 541B(3A) Meaning of satisfactory progress, section 541B(3B)(a) … is to set guidelines for the exercise of the Secretary's discretion …

Policy reference: SS Guide YA full-time students satisfactory progress, YA full-time students satisfactory progress - study at the same level

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