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1.1.S.350 Statement reporter


This definition applies to all payments.


A statement reporter is a recipient who is required to give a statement about a specified matter that might affect the social security pension or benefit they are receiving. All recipients who have income from employment, or whose partner has income from employment (where relevant), are required to be statement reporters, with the exception of the cohorts below (refer Note below). The statement is due on a specified date, usually the last day of the recipient's entitlement period.

For activity tested recipients the statement is in the form of a continuation form. For non-activity tested recipients the statement can be made using any one of a variety of reporting channels, including telephone, Services Australia website, fax, post, or in person at a Services Australia office. A recipient can be requested, via a Recipient Statement Notice, to give a separate statement for each of several specified periods.

Note: The requirement for all recipients who are receiving income from employment to be statement reporters excludes the following cohorts:

These excluded cohorts, with the exception of recipients of the HEAS who have a nil rate pension, would be subject to an income review at least every 12 months to ensure the amount coded on their record is correct.

Late reporting for statement reporters

If a recipient does not give their statement by the due date their payment may be cancelled. If special circumstances exist for the late reporting the recipient's payment may be restored (for further information see Notification & recipient obligations topic for the recipient's payment type).

Act reference: SS(Admin)Act section 68(2) The Secretary may give a person …, section 95 Automatic cancellation—failure to provide statement …

Policy reference: SS Guide 3.1.3 Notification & recipient obligations

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