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1.1.S.176 Significant disadvantage


This definition applies to all payments. It applies when an income support recipient requests an exemption for an income stream (1.1.I.70) product from the new income stream rules which came into effect from 20 September 1998.


An income support recipient has been caused significant disadvantage in relation to the treatment of their income stream if their:

  • pension is reduced because of the new means test treatment of income streams, AND
  • total income as at 20 September 1998 is less than the relevant:
    • maximum rate of pension or allowance (including PhA), PLUS
    • income free area limit permitted under the income test as at 19 September 1998.

Explanation: The amount is:

  • $11,960 for a single income support recipient, and
  • $20,098 for each couple.

Act reference: SSAct pre-6 May 2016 Schedule 1A clause 120A Amendments relating to treatment of income streams

Policy reference: SS Guide History of the treatment of income streams

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