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1.1.S.290 Sponsor (SpB)


For the purposes of SpB, a sponsor is an Australian resident who nominates a person for migration to Australia (1.1.A.320). The sponsor MAY be:

  • a family member, OR
  • an employer of a migrant.

The obligations of a sponsor are NOT the same as those of an assurer (1.1.A.310), although if a sponsored migrant is also an assuree, the sponsor and the assurer MAY be the same person.

Act reference: SSAct section 7(2) An Australian resident is a person …, section 23(14) For the purposes of this Act other than Part 2.11 and the YA Rate Calculator …

Family sponsorship

In the case of family sponsorship, the sponsor agrees to provide support and assistance to the migrant for a period of 2 years, commencing from the migrant's date of arrival in Australia OR the date of grant of the relevant visa, whichever is the later. This support includes:

  • support to enable them to attend English language courses
  • ensuring they have adequate accommodation
  • providing any necessary financial assistance
  • providing information and advice to help them settle in Australia, and
  • telling the person about employment in Australia and advising them of the costs of living in Australia.

Act reference: SSAct section 7(1)-'permanent visa'

Employer sponsors

An employer sponsor undertakes only to provide employment to the migrant on arrival in Australia, NOT ongoing support.

New residents who need a sponsor

A person who is applying for migration in one of the following cases must be sponsored:

  • partner (including de facto)
  • prospective marriage partner (fiancé/e)
  • child (including adopted child and orphan relative)
  • parent
  • other family which includes
    • carer
    • aged dependant relative
    • remaining relative (a family member overseas who is a sibling or non-dependent child).

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