7.1.2 Participating defunct institutions


For the purposes of the Scheme, a participating defunct institution is an institution (either government or non-government) that is participating and no longer exists.

Participating defunct institutions must have a representative (either an individual or another institution) that has agreed to meet the liability and obligations of the defunct institution to provide redress to a person. This means the representative is able to perform all the functions under the Scheme on behalf of the defunct institution. It will receive all notices made under the Scheme in relation to applications and funding liability, and is able to provide a direct personal response to a person where requested.

Representatives of non-government participating defunct institutions must be declared by the Minister for Families and Social Services.

A participating defunct institution may have only 1 representative. However, a person may be the representative for more than 1 participating defunct institution.

Act reference: NRSAct Part 5-1 Participating institutions, section 117 What is a participating defunct institution?

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Policy reference: Redress Guide 7.1 Participating institutions

Last reviewed: 1 July 2019