1.1.L.30 Loss of care for child


A person may be eligible to receive PLP if:

  • the person was previously the primary carer for the child, and
  • the child is prevented from being in the person's care because of an event that occurred in relation to the child without the person's consent and the person takes reasonable steps to have the child returned to their care, and
  • the person or the person's partner is the child's legal parent or is otherwise legally responsible for the child, and
  • if the child is in the care of another legal parent - the person or the person's partner has a court order or a parenting plan to the effect that the child is to live with the person or the person's partner, and
  • there is no payability determination in force under the PPLAct that parental leave pay is payable for the child to another person for the same day.

Act reference: PPL Rules Part 2-3 Eligibility for PLP

Last reviewed: 21 September 2020