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1.1.L.30 Loss of care for child


A person may be eligible to receive PLP if:

  • the person was previously caring for the child
  • the person or the person's partner is the child's parent or is otherwise legally responsible for the child
  • the child is prevented from being in the person's care because of an event that occurred without the person's or the person's partner's consent (for example, as the result of the other parent or another individual failing to return the child after a visit or similar) and the person or their partner has taken reasonable steps to have the child returned to their care (this may include actions such as notifying the police, or taking out a recovery order through the court), and
  • if the child is in the care of another parent - the person or the person's partner has a court order or a parenting plan to the effect that the child is to live with the person or the person's partner.

Act reference: PPL Rules Part 2 Eligibility for PLP

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