1.1.U.10 Unreasonable to care for child


Where Centrelink is considering a primary, secondary or tertiary claim for PLP in exceptional circumstances, Centrelink must be satisfied that among other matters, it would be unreasonable for another person with a relationship to the child, to care for the child because:

  • there has been extreme family breakdown, or similar circumstances, in relation to the child's family situation, or
  • there is a serious risk to the child's physical or mental wellbeing from violence, neglect or sexual abuse in the child's family situation.

In considering what is in the interests of the child, Centrelink must consider the arrangements for the child's care with the claimant in comparison with the arrangements for the child's care in the child's previous family situation.

Act reference: PPL Rules Part 2-4 Claims for PLP

Last reviewed: 8 May 2017