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1.1.V.10 Verifies a child's birth


Centrelink cannot make a determination that PLP is payable to a claimant for a newborn child, unless the child's birth has been verified.

For the purposes of PLP the claimant verifies the child's birth if the claimant:

  • provides proof that the child was born, and
  • is a parent (other than an adoptive parent) of the child and the child is not stillborn, and the parent is required under state and territory law to register the birth of the child, then the claimant must give information that the child's birth has been registered or that the claimant has applied to have the child's birth registered.

Centrelink may approve a birth verification form for the purposes of verifying the birth of a child. For PLP purposes the claim form process includes an approved birth verification form.

Where the child is an adopted child, the claimant or another person, must provide information required by Centrelink about the adoption of the child.

Act reference: PPLAct section 6 The Dictionary, section 18 The child's birth has not been verified, section 275 How this Act applies to an adopted child

Policy reference: PPL Guide When a payability determination for PLP cannot be made

FA Guide 1.2.18 Newborn supplement (NBS) - description

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