8.1 Internal review of decisions


This chapter is about internal review of decisions made by officers under the PPLAct. There are 3 types of internal reviews where:

  • Centrelink reviews decisions on their own initiative
  • a claimant whose interests are affected by a clamant decision (1.1.C.110) applies for internal review of the decision
  • an employer applies for internal review either of an employer determination decision (1.1.E.70) or an employer funding amount decision (1.1.E.80).

Centrelink may authorise officers to be AROs (1.1.A.140) to undertake internal reviews of officer's decisions.

Note: Centrelink cannot, on their own initiative, review an employer determination decision. A decision to make an employer determination can only be internally reviewed if requested by the employer.

Act reference: PPLAct section 271 Authorised review officers

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