The Guides to Social Policy Law is a collection of publications designed to assist decision makers administering social policy law. The information contained in this publication is intended only as a guide to relevant legislation/policy. The information is accurate as at the date listed at the bottom of the page, but may be subject to change. To discuss individual circumstances please contact Services Australia.

Paid Parental Leave Guide Updates - 2017

6 November 2017 (v1.46)

Page Title Details
1.1.A.10 Absence from Australia Clarified policy.. Australian Residency Test for PLP Clarified policy regarding holders of a visa determined by the Minister for the purposes of SSAct subparagraph 729(2)(f)(v) leaving Australia. Australian Residency Test for DAPP Clarified policy regarding holders of a visa determined by the Minister for the purposes of SSAct subparagraph 729(2)(f)(v) leaving Australia..

14 August 2017 (v1.45)

Page Title Details
1.1.T.30 Tax file number statement Clarified policy.
1.3.2 Privacy & Confidentiality Updated whole section.
4.1.6 TFN Statement for PLP Claim Clarified policy.
5.1.3 Requirements of a Claim for DAPP Clarified information regarding tax file number statement. Gathering Information Relating to Tax File Numbers Updated policy. Disclosure of Information Clarified policy.

3 July 2017 (v1.44)

Page Title Details
1.1.R.10 Reference income year Clarified definition. Reference Income Year for PLP Clarified policy. PPL Reference Income Year for DAPP Clarified policy.
3.1.1 PLP - Current Rate Updated rates.
3.1.2 DAPP - Current Rate Updated rates.
3.2.1 PLP - Historical Rates Updated rates.
3.2.2 DAPP - Historical Rates Updated rates.

8 May 2017 (v1.43)

Page Title Details
1.1.B.30 Born prematurely Updated Act reference.
1.1.C.140 Compliance notice Clarified policy.
1.1.C.160 Correspondence nominee Clarified policy.
1.1.F.10 Family Assistance Office (FAO) (deleted) Removed information.
1.1.M.30 Minimum amount of PPL funding amount Clarified policy.
1.1.P.50 Payability Updated to reflect legislative change.
1.1.P.180 PPL funding amount Clarified policy.
1.1.T.20 Tax file number Clarified definition.
1.3.5 Act of Grace Payments Updated policy.
6.1.6 Making an Employer Determination after Review of Decision the PLP is Payable Clarified policy.
9.2.1 Payment Nominees Updated Act reference.
9.2.2 Correspondence Nominees Updated Act reference.
9.3.1 General Administration & Delegation Added note that the review of the paid parental leave scheme was completed.

20 March 2017 (v1.42)

Page Title Details
2.1.3 Other Differences between PLP & DAPP Updated to reflect legislative change.

6 February 2017 (v1.41)

There were no policy changes for this release.

3 January 2017 (v1.40)

Page Title Details
1.1.A.30 Adjusted fringe benefits total Updated title.
1.1.D.93 Departure authorisation certificate New page.
1.1.D.95 Departure prohibition order New page.
1.1.F.40 Final debt payment day (deleted) Removed information.
1.1.F.60 Further debt notice (deleted) Removed information.
1.1.G.10 Garnishee, garnishee notice Updated to reflect legislative change.
1.1.P.110 Penalty interest rate (deleted) Removed information.
1.1.P.220 PPL Rules Updated to reflect legislative change.
7.3.1 Situations Where a Debt May Arise Updated policy.
7.3.2 Notice of Debts Updated policy. Initial Debt Notice (deleted - see 7.3.2) Removed information. Further Debt Notices (deleted - see 7.3.2) Removed information.
7.3.3 Interest Charge on Debts Updated policy. When Interest Becomes Payable (deleted - see 7.3.3) Removed information. Application of Interest on Debts (deleted) Removed information. Interest Exemption Determinations (deleted - see 7.3.3) Removed information. Penalty Interest Guidelines (deleted - see 7.3.3) Removed information. Administrative Charge (deleted) Removed information. Penalty Interest Rate (deleted) Removed information. Debt Recovery by Legal Proceedings Updated to reflect legislative change. Debt Recovery by Garnishee Notice Updated to reflect legislative change. Time Limits for Debt Recovery - Legal Proceedings & Garnishee Notices (deleted) Removed information. No Time Limit on Debt Recovery Action New page. When a Debt is Irrecoverable Updated to reflect legislative change.
7.3.7 Departure Prohibition Orders New page.
Moved previous content to 7.3.9.
7.3.8 Departure Authorisation Certificates New page.
7.3.9 Overseas Application of Debts New page, contains policy previously found in 7.3.7.