Becoming a Registered Carer


This topic contains information on becoming a registered carer (1.1.R.20). The Secretary will advise a carer in writing whether their request for registration has been approved or rejected. This allows individuals whose children use a registered carer to claim (1.1.C.27) the registered care rate of CCB for past care, once they present receipts. There are also restrictions on becoming a registered carer. This topic covers the following matters:

  • the minimum age requirement,
  • providing evidence of a TFN,
  • meeting and maintaining any relevant state or territory licensing/working with children (WWC) check requirements, and
  • restrictions on becoming a registered carer.

Minimum age

To become a registered carer an applicant must:

  • be at least 18 years old, or
  • have obtained a recognised qualification for approval as a registered carer. Qualifications may include studies in:
    • early childhood education,
    • child care, or
    • home and community care.

Evidence of a TFN

To be a registered carer, an applicant must provide a statement that they have either a:

  • TFN, or
  • TFN exemption.

The applicant does not have to provide their TFN, however, the Secretary can ask the Commissioner of Taxation to confirm whether or not they have a TFN.

Licensing/WWC check requirements

State and territory governments have different licensing/WWC check requirements for people providing child care services. An applicant for registration as a carer, must at all times, meet any legislative requirements of their state or territory.


An individual (1.1.I.90) cannot become a registered carer if they operate or provide care within:

  • an approved child care service (1.1.A.90), or
  • a budget based funded child care service, or
  • a non-formula funded child care service, or
  • a child care service under a contract with an approved FDC (1.1.T.70) scheme.

The individual themselves must provide care to the child/ren.

An organisation cannot become a registered carer, however, an individual who provides care to a child/ren within the organisation can apply to be registered.

Act reference: FA(Admin)Act section 209(1) Who may apply, section 209(2) Exception-individual operates child care service etc.

Policy reference: FA Guide Responsibilities of a Registered Carer

Last reviewed: 6 November 2017