JETCCFA Eligibility Exceptions Voluntary Claimants


This topic explains the eligibility exception for voluntary claimants (1.1.V.15).

School holiday & shut down periods

While a person is required to comply with the terms of their JETCCFA EPP (1.1.J.105) to be eligible for JETCCFA, EPP's will take into account school term breaks and shut down periods of child care services (i.e. the Christmas/New Year period). Non-attendance during these periods will not be treated as non-compliance.

Normal JETCCFA activity limit rules (1.1.J.50) apply during this period.

Policy reference: FA Guide 1.1.J.50 JETCCFA activity limits, 1.1.J.105 JETCCFA Job Plan, 1.1.V.15 Voluntary claimant (JETCCFA)

Last reviewed: 10 November 2014