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4.13.1 CCS enrolment notices

Requirement to submit enrolment notices

Approved providers (1.1.A.90) must submit an enrolment notice (1.1.E.25) in the CCSS to indicate they have entered into an arrangement with an individual (1.1.I.90) for a child enrolled under their care. The enrolment notice must reflect the type of arrangement that is in place between the provider and the individual and contain information about the child and individual (for example, name, CRN, DOB etc.) and the pattern of care and usual fees as per the arrangement.

Where a provider identifies that a child is at risk of serious abuse/neglect but there is no eligible individual, an enrolment notice must still be submitted.

Enrolment notices should also be submitted where the provider enters into an arrangement with an organisation, for example, where a parent's (1.1.P.10) employer is paying for the full cost of an individual's child care fees.

Session reports (1.1.S.35) must be submitted for all children for whom an enrolment notice has been provided.

Timeframe for submitting enrolment notices

An initial enrolment notice must be submitted within 7 days from either:

  • the end of the week in which the provider and individual entered into an arrangement
  • the provider or service being approved (if after the start of the arrangement or attendance), or
  • the end of a suspension of service (if an approved service has been suspended by the Department of Education and the enrolment occurs during the period of suspension).

Requirement to update enrolment notices

Providers must update an enrolment notice if:

  • the individual disagrees with detail/s of an enrolment, and the provider agrees an update is required
  • an arrangement for care is varied, at the request or in discussion with the individual (and this has been reflected in the CWA)
  • the provider becomes aware the information originally provided in an enrolment is (or becomes) incorrect, whether at the time of or after the enrolment notice was created
  • the arrangement for care ends. Note that if the enrolment notice included an arrangement end date (which is not mandatory) and the arrangement ends on that date, no update is needed.

An enrolment must be updated within 7 days of the change or event to which the update relates.

Act reference: FA(Admin)Act section 200A Enrolment notices, section 200D Notice of change in circumstancesā€”providers

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