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Notice of determination

Once the FTB claim has been determined, a notice must be given to the individual (1.1.A.72) that advises them of the result. Where the FTB claim included a combination of claim types, the result of the determination of each claim type must be included. The main information included in the letter is:

  • whether the claim has been granted or rejected, and
  • if the claim has been rejected, the reason for the rejection, or
  • if the claim has been granted
    • the period of entitlement (1.1.E.30) for a past period claim (1.1.P.60) or bereavement claim (1.1.B.20)
    • the date of commencement of entitlement for an instalment claim (1.1.I.100), and their payment delivery day (1.1.P.73)
    • the rate of FTB
    • if there are changes to entitlement during the period covered by the claim/s, any variations to entitlement, and
    • FA law also requires the individual to be notified of their review rights under FA(Admin)Act Part 5 (see FA(Admin)Act subsection 22(2)).

Example: Toni makes a claim for FTB for a combination of a past period and an instalment claim. In the period between lodging the claim and before the claim is determined, Toni's only FTB child leaves her care. Toni notifies Centrelink immediately. When her eligibility is assessed, a determination is made that she is entitled to receive FTB for the past period, and is entitled to receive arrears for the FTB instalment claim for the period since the claim was lodged up to the date the child left care. There is no entitlement to ongoing instalments of FTB. The letter notifying Toni of the determination must include this information.

Act reference: FA(Admin)Act section 22 Notice of determination

Policy reference: FA Guide 4.2.1 Summary of the FTB claim process, Determining an FTB claim

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