Failure to notify change of address

Cancellation of entitlement

Where an instalment individual has changed address, and Centrelink does not know their new address, even though they have tried to obtain it, the individual's FTB entitlement may be cancelled. The date of effect of the cancellation is the day after the end of the individual's latest entitlement period.

Explanation: In practice, FTB entitlement should always be cancelled where an individual fails to inform Centrelink of a change of address.

Reinstatement of entitlement

Where Centrelink then finds out that the individual's address has not changed or becomes aware of the person's new address before the end of the next income year, the cancellation must be varied. The variation reinstates the determination that applied before the cancellation.

Act reference: FA(Admin)Act section 30 Variation of instalment entitlement determination where failure to notify change of address

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