Waiving a Particular Class of Debt

Waiving recovery of a particular class of debt

The Secretary may decide to waive (1.1.W.10) the recovery of debts (1.1.D.60) arising under, or as a result of, the FA legislation that are included in a particular class of debts specified by the Minister in a disallowable instrument (1.1.D.90).

Explanation: This provision mirrors SSAct section 1237AB. This section has been used in the past to encourage workers in the textile and fisheries industries to declare their cash earnings to the department to ensure they were only receiving payments for which they were eligible. Debts that would have otherwise been recoverable were waived, offset by the savings gained in cancelling or reducing of payment to which individuals were not entitled.

At this time there is no disallowable instrument relating to this provision.

Date of effect

The date of effect of a decision to waive under this provision is:

  • the day the decision is made, if no decision is specified in the determination, or
  • a date specified in the determination.

Act reference: FA(Admin)Act section 102 Secretary may waive debts of a particular class

Last reviewed: 11 May 2015